Dmitry Sheiko

I'm Dmitry Sheiko, a web developer and that is my resume. Since 1987 I'm in IT Research and Development and particularly in web-development since 1998.

As for my open source contributions, some were pretty popular once Sapid CMS, AOP library for PHP, few plugins for jQuery. Numerous of my works were published in specialized medias, I have been a speaker at developer conferences (e.g. PHP Conf), and published articles in magazines such as PHP Architect and PHP Magazine International


  • Software architecture, domain driven design
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Continuous Integration And Deployment
  • Test-driven development / BDD

Curriculum Vitae

  • An accomplished web developer specializing in Object-Oriented Design and Analysis with extensive experience in the full life cycle of the software development process. 20 years experience as a programmer.
  • Information Architecture: including metadata standards, classification schemes, knowledge of representation
  • W3C Standards: knowledge of and practical ability to select and deploy technologies like XHTML, HTML5, CSS 2-3, XML, XSL, SVG, RSS, ATOM and other as they emerge.
  • HTML5 API: have experience with Web Storage, Web SQL Database, Notifications, Web Workers, Server-Sent Events, Web-Sockets, Semantic Markup, Microdata, Canvas, CSS3, Video/Audio
  • Programming: PHP 5.x, Java-script
  • Databases: Understanding of SQL and database design, developing entry-relationship diagrams and specifications (UML)
  • Other Technologies: additional experience working with AOP, TDD/BDD/UnitTests, REST, SOAP, SVN, GIT, Continous Integration principles
  • Libraries and frameworks: Zend Framework, jQuery, YUI 3.x, Drupal
  • Web 2.0: Architecture of Participation, OpenID, Mashup, Microformats, oAuth, RIA, Widgets


Belorussian National Technical University


CRYTEK GmbH (senior web developer) Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Application architecture, back-end and front-end development

Red Graphic Systems (RG Lab) (lead web developer) Minsk, Belarus

Initiated and created XML Sapiens development conception, worked out a new corporate technological process within the company. Wrote and published XML Sapiens markup language specification. Created Site Sapiens web development environment. Took part in development of more than half of hundred web-sites. Reading papers within subject conferences, forums, congresses. Publishing articles.

  • 2007 - initiated and developed POZZZY. It is a social system to aggregate entertainment, which has features of social news system (, collective blog ( and social bookmark system ( (See more)
  • 2006 - developed Site Sapiens 3.0 ECMP, which contains business applications – web-services, which cover complete set of content life-cycle management tasks. All user interfaces are AJAX-based and use dynamic trees, grids, explorers. There were used technologies such as AOSD, XML Sapiens 2.0, SOAP, TDD and others. (See more)
  • 2005 - PHP Programming Innovation Award October 2005 Winner of PHP Classes (see more)
  • 2005 - created popular Open Source CMS SAPID ( and respective community (
  • 2004 - wrote the specification of language XML Sapiens for CMS developers
  • 2003 - created enterprise information area management platform Site Sapiens
  • since 2003 - Senior web developer at Red Graphic Systems company

Atlas holding company (Stc. Atlas studio, InternetService studio) (lead web developer) Minsk, Belarus

Developed several tens of web-project including some Intranet/Internet portals of Administrative office of the President of the Republic of Belarus. Suggested, projected and developed the first CMS in Belarus - MySite. Read papers within subject conferences, forums, congresses.

  • 2002 - deputy head of Stc. Atlas studio
  • 2001 created site management system MySITE
  • 2001- 2001 - head of MySITE and MyPRESS projects Stc. Atlas web-development studio
  • 2001 created electronic publications system MyPRESS
  • 2000 committee-man of the First Belorussian Internet Festival (
  • 2000 – 2001 - head of web-development InternetService studio

BelHard Inc. (network engineer) Minsk, Belarus

Designed network architectures, installed networks, supported software, published technical articles

  • 1996 – 2000 - system integration specialist of BelHard Inc. (

Belarussian National Economic University (lecturer) Bobruisk, Belarus

Lectured the informatics, composed the curriculum, wrote school-books

  • 1995 – 1996 - head of electronic laboratory Belarussian National Economic University

BelarusRezinoTechnika joint-stock company (software engineer) Minsk, Bobruisk

My duties included development of small business applications based on Clarion RDBMS. Created an interactive GUI extension (mouse control, pseudo-graphic) for Clarion using C /Assembler and applied to develop. Founded an electronic magazine (TXT format and code sources) for Belorussian open source developers (I didn’t found sponsors, so there were published only 2 issues of the magazine).

  • 1993 – 1994 - programmer of BelarusRezinoTechnika joint-stock company (
  • 1989, 90 – twice winner of All-Union contest for programming innovations and Soviet Union schoolboy conference member. Winner of the All-Union Lenin’s grant.
  • Lecture at the international congress PHPconf’2005
  • Lectures at Internet-forums by’99, by’00, by’01, by’02, by’03, by’04
  • Lecture at the international e-commerce congress etp''2001
  • Lecturer in the Institute of privatization and management (
  • Participation into broadcasts programs on the Belorussian TV and national radio as an Internet-technology expert
  • Technical consultant of Belarus Unified Democratic Forces