G+ at first glance or Google bringing Web 3.0

Google Plus was world-wide announced and my friend circles started to grow, popping up newly engaged members. Apparently after all those probing attempts Google has managed to present a live social platform. I have never understood Google Orkut aims, though it gave, seems, user profile management for whole the network of Google services. Google Buzz was a promising step, but obviously not thought out good enough. Just a Twitter-like wall by itself is not something worth switching to when you have all the friends on Facebook for instance. Google Wave was a huge concept, maybe revolutionary one. But it is too innovational for the wide audience. I would not be surprised to find it resurrected in a few years. Now we get G+ and here my first impressions.

One can have contacts grouped by any criteria (location, language, interests, trust, etc) and posting (sharing) anything to direct it to particular audience (groups). I find that awesome. All those talks we had of Web 3.0 were around the called-for content against SPAM-like content-trash of 2.0 age. There were proposed vary of tools to gain that and one was about grouping and categorizing. The challenge here is to make it really usable. That is the one between making theory come true. My guess is G+ and the Circles have very good chances in that.

What else? Photo-sharing is tied to Google Picasa. I personally am very fond of the photo sharing/management engine and see it as a big benefit. On G+ one can tag himself on place (geo-location). It gives a possibility to discover the people around you and ones who also like the place you do. Many can love group video chat, though I’m not going to use it. Check out notification system, the UI impressed me – there is something fresh in that.

Sparks seems a bit alien to me and I hope it will develop. I feel a huge potential of Google having such services Search, Reader (RSS), News, Shopping, Finance. When launching a decent recommendation engine they can bring the content you really want. Is there a place for that in G+? I assume, it can be here. G+ is sort of socializing wrapper for all the services Google already owns. Big G team has already our search preferences, location preferences, tags from photo and video sharing, even our web-surfing statistics. Nobody else has so much of telemetry data to pass through a recommendation system. Now adding the last missing ‘+’, they are aggregating our social activity. Hello there, Web 3.0 is coming. So, Sparks can get a presentation layer for the called-for content, but not yet.