Gface Launcher

Steam-like user multi-game platform implemented with NWJS as desktop-like SPA

  • JavaScript: MVVM abstraction with modular BackboneJS/Backbone.NativeView and other with VanillaJS/NodeJS (+200 modules in total)
  • Styles: SASS under extended BEM convention (details)
  • covered with unit-tests, end--to-end tests and CSS regression tests

Warface game community site built with PHP for backend and modular BackboneJS/SASS(SMACSS) for frontend

Specials: RWD, Non-blocking CSS and critical path, Stateless design, Conditional image loading (more details)

Crysis game community portal.

  • Unified account management that involved multiple 3rd party authentication services.
  • Cronjob that listened for in-game events, stored telemetry data, extracted views for leaderboards, player profiles and for re-play visualization tool.
  • Social networking tool (Like post/comment, friend/unfriend, social activity notifications)

Company side

  • Inline content management
  • E-mail marketing subsystem
  • integrated Human Resource Management subsystem

Red Graphic


Size of my contribution: information architecture analyze on early stages, technical design (UML, documentation), PHP (on Zend Framework) and JS (on YUI3) project component development.

POZZZY is social system to aggregate entertainment, which has features of social news system (, collective blog ( and social bookmark system ( Pozzzy is an OpenID server/consumer, supports MicroID, Pavatar, hCard, XFN and FOAF.

POZZZY is social system to aggregate entertainment

Size of my contribution: idea, projection, programming

Site Sapiens

Site Sapiens is an enterprise content management system including web content management system (WCMS), web-application development environment, web-integration platform.

  • Web 2.0 Technological Foundation: AJAX, RIA, SOA
  • Leading program methodologies: AOSD/AOP, XML Sapiens, TDD, Replicating DB Architecture

Site Sapiens

Site Sapiens has been chosen as CMS for projects of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine markets such companies as The Coca Cola Company, Renault, Elle, Mars.

Size of my contribution: idea, projection, programming (everyting except AJAX-framework and XML Sapiens processor program code. Since version Site Sapiens 3.1 I left the project and it is deleloping without me).


SAPID CMS - is a freeware tool for site creation and management. SAPID is distinguished through the comfortable Ajax-based site structure management interface and high flexibility of design, content and functionality integration.

SAPID does not need DB (file-flat CMS). SAPID is inline CMS. It means that site documents are editable in a way "what you see is what you get", a document in delivery phase looks same as in administrative phase.


Size of my contribution: idea, my share of projection and developing ~ 50%, promotion, cretion of, special editions SAPID SHOP, SAPID Gallery, SAPID Personal Site).



MySITE - is the first full-function information space control system in Belarusian Internet. MySITE allows web-systems construction, management, scaling and change. MySITE does not require special knowledge for administration area user interface management. The system includes additional modules for management of a electronic catalogue, reports on attendance, advertising management, forums system management, interrogations and posting management.


Size of my contribution: idea, projection, programming

In year 2000 STC ATLAS (at that time a part of SoftLine Group) developed the following projects under my supervision: a web-site of Central commission of elections and referenda of the Republic of Belarus -"Elections 2000";Informational analytical server of Administrative office of the President of the Republic of Belarus.

In summer 2001 I had been offered to develop an electronic publications system MyPRESS.

It is a universal program complex which includes all basic functions of content control systems and allows creating and leading periodic WEB based editions. Sites management system MySITE has been created on MyPRESS basis in autumn.