I'm Dmitry Sheiko, a MEAN/LEMP full-stack web developer (from back-end to front-end). Since 1987 I'm in IT Research and Development and since 1998 in web-development.

I'm passionate about software product quality, particularly code architecture.


  • Software architecture, domain driven design
  • EcmaScript.Next, TypeScript, NodeJs
  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment

Curriculum Vitae

  • An accomplished web developer specializing in Object-Oriented Design and Analysis with extensive experience in the full life cycle of the software development process.
  • Information Architecture: including metadata standards, classification schemes, knowledge of representation
  • I have experience with almost any technology of the Web Platform and with wide range of modern tooling
  • While creating web-apps I'm taking advantages from with such concepts as Progressive Enhancement, Responsive Design, Progressive Web Apps, Web Components
  • Programming: PHP, EcmasScript.Next, NodeJS, TypeScript, Bash, SASS
  • Databases: Understanding of SQL and database design, developing entry-relationship diagrams and specifications (UML)
  • Libraries and frameworks: BackboneJs, AngularJS 2, ReactJS/Redux,
  • Platforms: MacOS, Ubuntu, Windows


Belorussian National Technical University


CRYTEK GmbH (senior web developer) Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • since 2008 - working on application architecture, back-end and front-end development using these technologies: JavaScript, NWJS.io, NodeJS, BackboneJS, SASS, BEM, HTML5 API and semantics, PHP5 remote APIs such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Gamespy, automated building with ANT/Grunt, CI-server Jenkins

Red Graphic Systems (RG Lab) (lead web developer) Minsk, Belarus

Designed and built Site Sapiens ECMP. Took part in development of more than half of hundred web-sites.

  • 2007 - initiated and developed POZZZY startup. It was a social system to aggregate entertainment, which had features of social news system (Digg.com), collective blog (Slashdot.org) and social bookmark system (del.icio.us).
  • 2006 - designed and built Site Sapiens 3.0 ECMP
  • 2005 - PHP Programming Innovation Award October 2005 Winner of PHP Classes
  • 2005 - created once popular Open Source CMS SAPID (sapid.sf.net)
  • 2004 - wrote the specification of language XML Sapiens for CMS developers
  • 2003 - designed enterprise information area management platform Site Sapiens
  • since 2003 - Senior web developer at Red Graphic Systems company

Atlas holding company (Stc. Atlas studio, InternetService studio) (lead web developer) Minsk, Belarus

Developed a few dozens of web-project including some Intranet/Internet portals of Administrative office of the President of the Republic of Belarus. Initiated, designed and developed the first known CMS in Belarus - MySite

  • 2002 - deputy head of Stc. Atlas studio
  • 2001 created site management system MySITE
  • 2001 created electronic publications system MyPRESS
  • 2000 – 2001 - head of web-development InternetService studio

BelHard Inc. (network engineer) Minsk, Belarus

Designed network architectures, installed networks, supported software, published technical articles

  • 1996 – 2000 - system integration specialist of BelHard Inc. (www.belhard.com)

Belarussian National Economic University (lecturer) Bobruisk, Belarus

Lectured the informatics, composed the curriculum, wrote school-books

  • 1995 – 1996 - head of electronic laboratory Belarussian National Economic University

BelarusRezinoTechnika joint-stock company (software engineer) Minsk, Bobruisk

My duties included development of small business applications based on Clarion RDBMS. Created an interactive GUI extension (mouse control, pseudo-graphic) for Clarion using C /Assembler and applied to develop.

  • 1993 – 1994 - programmer at BelarusRezinoTechnika joint-stock company (http://www.aobrt.by/en/)


  • 1989, 90 – twice winner of All-Union contest for programming innovations and Soviet Union schoolboy conference member. Winner of the All-Union Lenin’s grant.
  • Speaker at the international congress PHPconf’2005
  • Speaker at Internet-forums by’99, by’00, by’01, by’02, by’03, by’04
  • Speaker at the international e-commerce congress etp'2001
  • Participant in broadcasts programs on the Belorussian TV and national radio as an Internet-technology expert