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Review services getting consolidated

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I anticipate Google to swallow Review Services market using G+. I hate the idea of somebody having total control on everything, but when I buy a product (any product), I see number of variations from different producers. I want to read some reviews, to see some ratings on products and their producers before picking one. That’s natural. Where to get those? On the site of producer/seller? Oh, please! I would rather not trust them entirely.

How to Create Facebook Applications

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What makes sense in writing of Facebook applications Has it ever occurred to you to fancy about all Facebook applications are simple and similar per se? All of these virtual hugs, gifts, greeting cards, wishes, likenesses, poke, smiles, karma-exchange and other psychological “stroking” differ only with the form, in which user get their portion of attention. Thus this niche is always open for persons interested to test their own ideas. Facebook applications enroll the audience in the way viral marketing works.

Discover a World of Fascinating People. Popularly about social networking

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It is common to encounter success stories that begin with the words: “I’ve have been lucky in my life. I’ve made good friends and met like-minded people who have helped me from the beginning. Thanks to them I have achieved my dreams”. It is evident that not everyone reaches their goals and not everyone us is lucky enough to meet people who can direct their life towards success. The Internet epoch has introduced a tremendous new option in the realm of communication.