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Bringing Angular 2+ Development Experience into Backbone


I’ve been working with Backbone for years and it suited me pretty well. I do love its conciseness. It gives the desired abstraction and yet leaves you at the full control of your app. When you need to know what exactly is happening in your app behind your code, it’s matter of minutes to go though the Backbone annotated sources and figure out the flow. That’s something you hardly can afford with other frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue or Amber.

Writing Backbone Applications in TypeScript


Nowadays JavaScript evolves fast. We have ECMAScript 6th and 7th editions released over just 2 years. the current support of ES6 specification in major browsers is close to 100%. So the language changed, and changed for better. It has become more expressive, much more concise and readable. It is tempting to jump into, but what about older browsers? Transpilers can translate ES.Next into the old-good JavaScript of ECMAScript 5th edition.