Support Request Tool like Google Feedback

How to

Have you ever noticed Google+ has an amazing feature called Google Feedback. You click on feedback highlight an area of the site page and getting screenshot with your marking on it sent to the Google support team. If you wonder of having this tool on your own, just take my code and adapt for your requirements. How to install First of all you have to install server side components for making screenshots ( XServer and CutyCapt).

WebSockets vs Server-Sent Events vs Long-polling

Real-Time Web

Apparently social networking is the banner of the nowadays web. Everybody intends bringing some features into his projects. Some of them require immediate notification. That is getting common, if you open a page with upcoming messages (status feed, notification subsystem, friends-list), you expected them being updated as soon as a new message (status, notification, friend-making action) arrives. As you well know, original web design allowed only one-way client-server communication (one requests, another one responds), though now HTML5 working group doing their best to fix it or rather to patch it.

Review services getting consolidated

Social Web

I anticipate Google to swallow Review Services market using G+. I hate the idea of somebody having total control on everything, but when I buy a product (any product), I see number of variations from different producers. I want to read some reviews, to see some ratings on products and their producers before picking one. That’s natural. Where to get those? On the site of producer/seller? Oh, please! I would rather not trust them entirely.

HTML5 Video on iPhone

Mobile Web

Enabling your videos for iPhone Safari doesn’t seem as a big deal. You know it supports HTML5 . Besides, you don’t even need to write event handlers and produce a skin by yourself, but only take a ready JS component. Apparently [] is getting close to be the most popular one. Though, I personally like []. It is very simple to use any of them. The only difficulty is to get your videos converted to h.

Drupal – nice ideas and bad coding

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Related articles: Building a site on Drupal using MVC and Extending MVC on Drupal Working with Drupal for half of year and constantly tuning it for better maintainability, code consistency I came to the idea – Drupal is going to be a toy, a pretty popular but only toy, unless they decide to rewrite everything from the scratch. Studying Drupal 7 I find the CMS wasn’t really refactored. They dramatically improved administrator panel, included CCK/ImageCache into the core, added file handlers and Unit-test framework.

ECMAScript 5 and JS frameworks


Standards are being always approved with a slow pace. Though, the features declared in drafts usually find their implementation long before the standard release. Let’s take for an instance Websockets, which were already implemented in Chrome/Safari and Firefox 4b when standard unexpectedly changed. Apparently YUI3 and jQuery have implemented for long time the features, which are only coming up with ECMAScript 5 (the implementations is called JavaScript 1.8.5) spread. YUI 3 from the very beginning introduced controllable attributes.

Extending MVC on Drupal


Related articles: Building a site on Drupal using MVC and Drupal – nice ideas and bad coding I’ve already described an approach of using MVC in Drupal . It wasn’t bad for the beginning I hope. Though in real life you face requirements which hardly can be fulfilled with such a simplicity. In, more or less, complex application you ain’t going to be satisfied by the only controller (page controller) to serve the whole bunch of components presented on the page.

phpBB3 customization driven by configurable feature list


Let’s assume you have installed phpBB3 to run forums on the web-project you are working on. It can be a Drupal-based site using phpBBforum Integration module . Anyway, the forum system was re-skinned and your project manager, seems, is pretty happy for the first. But later he requests some changes, e.g. to prevent users from sending emails to each other within the board. This one is easy; you can just direct him to ACP / General / E-mail settings, where board-wide emails can be disabled globally.

Building a site on Drupal using MVC


Related articles: Extending MVC on Drupal and Drupal – nice ideas and bad coding If you ought to build a new site and don’t have time to develop a CMS, you’ll likely take an open source solution. And likely it will be Joomla or Drupal. They seem as most popular. Actually they are similar in many ways. Both provide basic content management frameworks, extensible through plug-ins and customizable via themes. Both focused on block-designed sites which can be often built without any programming at all, just using downloaded theme and configurable set of extensions.

MVC on command line


If you work with Zend Framework, you likely tried ZF Console (Zend_Tool on command line). But have you tried to extend it? Why? To have common interface for all your Cli-scripts related to ZF-base project. How do you find the idea to program Cli-scripts in MVC? Zend Framework provides us with the tool to do it. First, you have to make ZF shell script and assisting zf.php globally accessible. Wherever you have located them, just make a symlink on zf.

HTML5 and Server-Sent Events

Real-Time Web

Related articles: Bringing realtime to your web applications and WebSockets vs Server-Sent Events vs Long-polling Besides, already noted bidirectional communication channel, known as WebSocket, HTML5 propositions include also comet communication pattern by defining Server-Sent Events (SSE). WebSocket widely discussed by now, tons of server implementations are available and you can play already with fluent browser implementation under Chrome. However the second server-push technology of HTML5 yet stays in shadow. We are used to consider the HTTP protocol as request-response model, which means that the client sends a HTTP request and waits until the HTTP response is received.

i18n for Dynamic UI


Since YUI 3.1 version, the framework includes internationalizing utility. That’s pretty huge from the prospective of application maintenance and deserves a little review. String translation The Yahoo team intended to bring into the library some ideas from Java internationalization experience. Particularly Yahoo Resource Bundles based on idea of Java property files. So, translation of an application can be achieved the following way: First, YRBis created. That can be a JSON-formatted file of .