• May 21 byContract 2 released. Eventually I made it. One doesn't need to define types in JavaScript twice (in JSDoc and for validator). byContract uses JSDoc notations for argument validation. Follow the link
  • May 08 Boilerplate aka starter template of manageable data tables UI (sorting/filtering and pagination) based on React.js/Ant.Design with server side Express.js/MySQL Follow the link
  • Dec 05 Just released extension of popular argument validator aproba for key-value objects Follow the link
How to make own CMS

Every day millions of new web documents emerge on the Internet, and the amount of web management tools is growing simultaneously. These tools are usually referred to as Content Management Systems, CMS for short. If you have a web site and still do not use any CMS, you will definitely face a choice to buy or to develop an enterprise content management solution in the near future.